Another Unanswered Question: So What Is Plan B?

If Plan A failed, what, then, is Plan B? One possibility is that the United States as the military for the Anglo-American alliance will pull back behind the oceans and significantly increase insourcing and manufacturing, which it can do with automation available and labor unions marginalized. Note that the U.S. Marine Corps leadership this year said that only 30% of American youth is eligible for recruitment by the Marines; 70% are ineligible for physical, mental, or emotional reasons. That figure tells you that we are going to have a problem projecting power, unless we do it from the North American mainland, protected by oceans, through space and technology. That problem of projection is why the war for the balance of power involving space and technology is so critical to the United States and the Anglo-American alliance.

When you watch the trade wars from the surface, America may seem to be fighting about chickens or soybeans. However, America is really fighting to prevent a China-led Asia from superseding the West in space and technology. Maintaining that dominance is necessary for America and NATO to maintain any kind of balance of power in the face of the Asian demographics.

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