Part I: Top Ten Stories

“We’re on a timeline that leaves little space for politicians to gamble with the expectation that economic benefits will eventually trickle down to the masses. And blunt attempts at banning technological platforms, including social media and cryptocurrency exchanges, can only buy so much time. This is a world that requires nations, corporations and individuals to think not in terms of quarterly reports or midterm elections, but in decades. For it is within this century that nations will have to rewrite a social contract with their citizens, whether that day of reckoning comes by force or by political will.” ~Reva Goujoin, Stratfor

CAF Note: This is a listing of stories that support my discussion with Dr. Joseph Farrell for News Trends & Stories Part I. Access audio files here


Story #1: The AI Invasion: The Giant Sucking Sound

Story #2: Interest Rates Rise

Story #3: Building Fortress America

Story #4: The U.S. Dollar Index Holds the 92 Line

Story #5: Planet Equity–As Strong as Ever


Story #6: Tearing Up Net Neutrality and the AI Invasion

Story #7: Trade Wars

Story #8: Italy, Brexit, and the EU Puzzle

Story #9: The U.S. Elections and Swamp Drama

Story #10: The Pension Fund “Crisis”

Story #11: Asian Hot Spots: The South China Sea and the Silk Road



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