“China is shifting its economy from the world’s largest exporter to the world’s largest consumer. Chinese citizens now have the wealth and income to pursue discretionary spending. They want to buy high-quality imported food, cosmetics, fashions, and health and wellness products for themselves and their children. With average urban income growing at almost double digits and an emerging middle class of 300 million, Chinese consumers are already driving massive demand for imports from all over the world. Last year, President Xi Jinping said at the World Economic Forum that, over the coming five years, China will import US$8 trillion of goods. “  ~Jack Ma, April 2018

Crude Oil (OIL)

Russia (RSX), Crude Oil (OIL)

Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV)

Mining (GDX), Junior Mining (GDXJ)

Commodities Index (CRB)

Baltic Dry Index

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