Vaccine Rights Attorney Legal Defense Fund

”Stand Strong for the Constitution” A Utah Coalition July Event

”What to Watch for in an Internet Without Net Neutrality (And How To Stop It)

Donate Billboards Project: Let’s Hold Corrupt Politicians Accountable

The National Health Federation: Members and Website Visitors

Donate to High Impact IRT Video Project: Institute for Responsible Technology

Nicholas The Voice: Are You Ready to Slow Down, Listen with an Open Heart,
and Find Yourself in another Form of Awareness? Nick Begich

And Shout Outs…

Jon Rappoport: No More Fake News

Giza Death Star: Website of Alternative Thinkers & Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

The Saker: Contact and Donations

The Richard Dolan Show

Amy Benjamin

Elana Freeland

This Can’t Be happening with Dave Lindorff

Dr. Edwin Vieira

Strong Towns Members Made This Happen

Open Source Ecology: We are offering workshops at Factor e Farm and
also at other sites in North America

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